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Full stack web developers have the ability to design complete web application and websites. They work on the frontend, backend, database and debugging of web application or websites.

Front end: It is the visible part of website or web application which is responsible for user experience. The user directly interacts with the front-end portion of the web application or website. The front-end portion is built by using some languages such as HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up), JavaScript scripting language used to create the magic on the sites to make the site interactive for the user.

Back end: It refers to the server-side development of web application or website. It is responsible for managing the database through queries and APIs by client-side commands. Back end portion is built by using some libraries, frameworks, and languages such as PHP, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, Node.js

what will you learn in this course


  • Introduction to HTML
  • HTML tags and attributes
  • Semantic HTML
  • HTML forms
  • Accessibility
  • Introduction to CSS
  • CSS selectors
  • Box model
  • Flexbox and Grid layout
  • CSS animations and transitions
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Variables and data types
  • Functions and scope
  • Control flow and loops
  • DOM manipulation
  • Event handling
  • ES6 features
Responsive Design
  • Introduction to responsive design
  • Media queries
  • Flexible grid systems
  • Responsive images
  • Responsive typography


Python Web Frameworks
  • Introduction to web frameworks
  • Django vs Flask
  • Setting up a Django project
  • Views, templates, and URLs in Django
  • lFlask routing and templates
Database Programming with Python
  • Introduction to database programming
  • Connecting to databases with Python
  • Retrieving data with SQL
  • Using Python to manipulate data
  • Object Relational Mapping (ORM) with Django
  • Testing and Debugging in Python
  • Writing tests in Python
  • Using Python’s built-in testing framework
  • Debugging techniques in Python
  • Python APIs
  • Working with APIs in Python
  • Using Python to make HTTP requests
  • Parsing JSON data in Python


Introduction to MySQL
  • What is MySQL?
  • Comparison to other database management systems
  • Benefits of using MySQL in web development
  • MySQL data model and structure
  • Installing and Setting Up MySQL
  • Downloading and installing MySQL
  • Starting the MySQL server
  • MySQL command-line interface (CLI) commands
  • Connecting to MySQL from a web application
Data Modeling with MySQL
  • Data modeling basics
  • Designing tables and relationships in MySQL
  • Primary keys, foreign keys, and indexes
  • Normalization in MySQL
  • CRUD Operations with MySQL
  • Creating and inserting data
  • Reading data
  • Updating data
  • Deleting data
  • Querying and filtering data
MySQL Advanced Concepts
  • Transactions in MySQL
  • Stored procedures and functions
  • Triggers in MySQL
  • Views in MySQL
  • Full-text search in MySQL
Working with MySQL from a Web Application
  • Connecting to MySQL from a web application
  • CRUD operations with MySQL from a web application
  • Querying and filtering data from MySQL in a web application
  • Securing MySQL connections in a web application
  • Full Stack Application Development with MySQL
  • Integrating MySQL with a full stack web application
  • Designing the database schema for a web application
  • Handling user authentication and authorization with MySQL
  • Best practices for using MySQL in full stack web developmen

Who should join?

People with Disabilities who has completed the graduation and having tech background. This will be useful for working professionals who are upgrading their skills and fresher who are looking a job in IT sector.

What we offer

This crash course is designed for People with Disabilities who has completed the graduation and having tech background. This course prepares candidates to work on frontend and backend web developer.

Course objective

To create PwDs talent pool ready to hire by tech companies for developer’s role.
To upskill the knowledge of participants who are working in IT sector.


This course is accessible for all kinds of People with Disabilities. Having an Indian Sign Language Interpreter if required.

How To Apply

  • Applicants can apply for the courses using the link provided in the course description.
  • Ensure to fill the forms with detailed information.
  • Documents such as education qualification and disability certificate will be required during the time of application.
  • Selection of students would be done on the basis of entrance test and interview.

Application process

Step-1: Submit your online application form.

Step-2:  Pre-entrance test 

Step-3:  Personal Interview

Course calendar

1.Pre entrance and personal interview : October 13, 2023
2.Course commencing : Oct 16 2023
3.Course time : Monday to Friday ( 1 hours every day)
4.Platform: Google Meet.

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