Enabling PWD’s Contribution to Sustainable Economic Growth

( Main topic of webinar )

Awareness and Practicing of laws and regulations for PwD in India.

( current series of webinar )

GiftAbled cordially invites you to join our webinar on the topic of

Awareness and Practicing of laws and regulations for PwD in India.

September 4th at 11:00 AM To 12:30 PM

The theme for the series of webinar is
Enabling Persons with Disabilities to contribute to sustainable economic growth

Introduction or Background

GiftAbled foundation is striving to create an ecosystem of like-minded individuals to collectively build an inclusive society. We aim to empower People with Disabilities across several aspects of their life and support them in living with dignity. Livelihood or employability among them where GiftAbled empowers the People with Disabilities, creating a favourable ecosystem where PwDs can enjoy equal opportunities for to contribute economic growth of the nation.

A series of insightful Webinars is planned with an aim to create awareness amongst Corporates and organizations, Youth with Disabilities, local communities on various provisions in present acts & laws for employability of People with Disabilities in India. Its ultimate objective is empowering PWD to contribute to inclusive economic growth.

Objectives of series of the webinar

  1.  To create awareness on current Act, Rules pertaining to Employment & reasonable accommodation for People with Disabilities.
  2.  To Emphasize on challenges & hurdles for accessing opportunities in employment for PwDs.
  3.  To build strong channel between the Corporate and Foundations (NGOs) who works with PwDs employment for creating more opportunities.

Session 1: Awareness and Practice of laws / regulations for employment of People with Disabilities in India

The Agenda of the Current Webinar is

To understand the laws and regulations currently available in India for PwD.

  1. Role of Government & Corporate in ensuring the laws are practiced.
  2. Do we see a need to modify the laws for PwD to suit current conditions in India?
  3. Understand how government and corporates are supporting the volunteering agencies to facilitate the change.

Target Audience

  1. Corporate organization (leaders, employees)
  2. HR managers, D & I leaders
  3. Youth with Disabilities
  4. Local Govt. / Administration officials / (Employment cell)
  5. Community leaders, NGO leaders/ volunteers

How to attend the webinar

  1. Esteemed Guest Speakers: Mention the names and his designation.
  2. Mr. V.S Basavaraju sir-ex Disability Commissioner
  3. Mrs. Sushmita madam-Diversity-Equality & Inclusion specialist from Thought works company
  4. Format of the webinar: Panel discussion followed by Q&A
  5. Duration: 1.5 hours.
  6. Meeting Link: Google Meet .
  7. Proposed date: 4th Sep 2021

This discussion explores the topic “Awareness and Practice of laws / regulations for employment of People with Disabilities in India”. Further this session also explains on how GiftAbled provides a platform for Placement and Skilling of candidates to meet the corporate requirement.

We would be pleased if you can join us for this webinar and engage in an insightful discussion on how to be part of a inclusive society. To register or know more call us on 8639279208 / +91 80882 82778 or email us on jobs@giftabled.org .