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About Course

Absolute Beginners
Leveling up as a web developer begins with a firm foundation, one in which you can then incrementally build your skill sets. Far too many developers skip these fundamentals and jump right to changing this or that in a website. The intent of the Absolutely Beginner’s lab series is to provide you with a bunch of “Aha” moments where it just starts making sense for you.
Absolute Beginner’s Series: WordPress Web Development
You will be introduced to websites, browsers, and programming. Let’s talk about the roles of the various technologies and programming languages. You’ll also learn about the role of plugins and themes in relationship to a WordPress website.


What will you Learn?

Introduction to WordPress
  • What is WordPress?
  • WordPress installation and setup
  • WordPress dashboard and navigation
  • Overview of WordPress themes and plugins
Creating Content in WordPress
  • Creating and managing WordPress posts and pages
  • Formatting content in WordPress
  • Inserting images and videos into WordPress content
  • Using categories and tags to organize content
Customizing WordPress with Themes
  • Introduction to WordPress themes
  • Installing and activating WordPress themes
  • Customizing WordPress themes with the Theme Customizer
  • Creating custom page templates in WordPress
Extending WordPress with Plugins
  • Introduction to WordPress plugins
  • Installing and activating WordPress plugins
  • Recommended WordPress plugins for various use cases
WordPress Security and Performance
  • Securing your WordPress site
  • Backing up your WordPress site
  • Optimizing your WordPress site for performance
  • Troubleshooting common WordPress issues
WordPress eCommerce with WooCommerce
  • Introduction to WooCommerce
  • Installing and configuring WooCommerce
  • Creating and managing WooCommerce products
  • Managing orders and customers in WooCommerce

Who should join?

People with Disabilities who have completed graduation or post-graduation in Commerce / Management stream and aspiring to take up a career in Banking & Finance, Securities Markets and Insurance can join the program.

What we offer

This crash course is designed for People with Disabilities who has completed the graduation and post-graduation.

How To Apply

  • Applicants can apply for the courses using the link provided in the course description.
  • Ensure to fill the forms with detailed information.
  • Documents such as education qualification and disability certificate will be required during the time of application.
  • Selection of students would be done on the basis of entrance test and interview.

Application process

Step-1: Submit your online application form.

Step-2:  Pre-entrance test (conducted online)

Step-3:  Personal Interview (conducted online)

Course calendar

  1. Course commencing :Jul 24th  2023

  2. Course time : Monday to Friday (1 hours every day)

  3. Platform: Google Meet.

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