GiftAbled is a social enterprise that strives to create an ecosystem of like-minded individuals to collectively build an inclusive society

We aim to empower People with Disabilities across several aspects of their life and support them in living with dignity, all our efforts are thus in line with the same

image of Training And Workshop
Training and Workshops

Customized Training for Team Managers/Leads, Training for Employees with Disability, Accessibility Training, Sessions on RPwD Act, and the like.

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Corporate Gifting

companies who dedicate 20% or more of their spend to diverse suppliers can attribute as much as 15% of their annual sales to supplier diversity programs

Giftabled Employee Engagement
GiftAbled - Employee Engagement

We strive to be your means to a beautiful end and create a sensitive workforce by inculcating the values of Diversity and Inclusion.

Livelihood Through Swantantra
Livelihood Through Swatantra

It is disability & region- specific skill-based training which will lead to livelihood opportunities for People with Disabilities and their Caretakers.

Sculpt The Learning Platform
Sculpt - The Learning Platform

Sculpt respects the different paces of development of all children and ensures that the child learns at his or her own pace.

Child Development center
Child Development Center

Every child is unique and so is their development!! Explore our milestone tracker to understand your child's age appropriate development

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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our Mission is to innovate and accelerate inclusion to transform the lives of People with Disabilities.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to build an inclusive world where People with Disabilities find equal opportunity in all aspects of life

Our Impact Projects


Only 2% of these People with Disabilities have access to need-based rehabilitation services. We work inclined to the UNCRPD act and SDGs on the guiding principle of Who’s a community-based rehabilitation and international classification of functioning

Sculpt Education

It is estimated that Children with Learning Disabilities account for around 28% of every classroom with large learning gaps Sculpt aims to bridge these learning gaps. and enable Children with Disabilities to be integrated into the mainstream


The main aim of this program is to provide them with employable skills and enhance the quality of their lives, through life skills programs, workshops on disability laws, and by enhancing their marketing and financial knowledge


Training and hiring institute for PWD to learn highly demanded technical and non-technical courses in the job market and to create a trained cadre of Youth with Disabilities who are equipped with industry-required skill sets

Corporate Services

Sensitization & Workshop

Audits Infra/Digital


Inclusive Jobs

Employee Engagement

Our Trustees

Giftabled Co-founder And Managing Trustee

Prarthana Prateek Kaul

Co-Founder and Managing Trustee

Mrs. Prarthana Prateek Kaul is a Co-Founder of GiftAbled, an award-winning social enterprise that strives to create an ecosystem of like-minded individuals to build an inclusive society collectively.

Prateek Co-founder And trustee

Prateek Kaul

Co-Founder and Trustee

Prateek Kaul, a Co-Founder and Trustee of the GiftAbled Foundation, leads GiftAbled Innoventures Private Limited as Director, dedicated to advancing opportunities for People with Disabilities across society.

Ravi Giftabled Trustee

Ravi Valdiya


Ravi Valdiya is a freelance Photographer with an engineering education and experience of more than a decade in the corporate sector. 

Our Giftabled's Team

Our Team

This passionate group has a single-minded goal of increasing the participation of people with disabilities in the organized workforce. Thanks to the unwavering support of our volunteers and network partners, Team GiftAbled has been able to pave the way for a more inclusive workforce. Through innovative technology solutions and partnerships with key players in the disability inclusion space, this team is breaking down barriers and empowering people with disabilities to reach their full potential. Join us in supporting this incredible team as they continue to make a difference in the lives of so many!

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