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A Mentor-Mentee program is an organized approach to facilitating growth, learning, and professional development for less experienced individual (mentee) by pairing with a more experienced individual (mentor).

A well-structured Mentor-Mentee program can lead to fostering a culture of continuous learning, support, and professional growth.

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Be a Mentor, Make a Difference: Empower PWDs with Your Industry Expertise!

Calling all Industry Experts!

Are you passionate about giving back and helping others succeed? Do you have valuable knowledge and experience in your field?

Join GiftAbled Foundation’s Mentor-Mentee Program and empower Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) to thrive in their careers!

What We Offer

Make a real impact

Guide a PWD through a comprehensive 8-week program designed to equip them with essential job skills, industry knowledge, and personal development tools.

Flexible commitment

Each session is 1 hour, with additional time for communication outside of meetings.

Structured program

Our curriculum covers key areas like career planning, resume writing, interview skills, networking, and more.

Meaningful experience

 Share your expertise and witness the transformative power of mentorship firsthand.

Benefits of Being a Mentor

Enhance leadership skills

 Develop your coaching and communication abilities.

Expand network

Connect with fellow mentors and mentees within the program.

Gain personal satisfaction

Experience the joy of empowering others and making a positive difference in their lives.

Boost resume

Showcase your commitment to social responsibility and leadership development.


Most frequent questions and answers

A passion for helping others and expertise in your industry are the key qualifications.

Each session is 1 hour, with some additional time commitment for communication outside of meetings.

This program is an opportunity for you to share & learn at the same time. Below are few more things that adds up-

  • Sharpen your skills: Communication, leadership, and giving feedback all get a workout as you guide your mentee.
  • Confidence boost: Sharing your knowledge and seeing your mentee succeed is a great way to feel good about your expertise.
  • Fresh perspectives: You’ll gain new insights from your mentee’s experiences.
  • Expand your network: Meet like-minded professionals who want to give back, just like you.
  • Feel good factor: Helping someone grow is deeply rewarding.
  • Stay on top of your game: Explaining concepts to your mentee reinforces your own knowledge of your field.
  • Develop leadership skills: Mentoring provides a supportive space to practice leading others.

Ready to Make a Difference?
Contact GiftAbled Foundation today to learn more about becoming a mentor!

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