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how to achieve accessibility
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Why Classroom Inclusion is Important?

Inclusion is the practice of ensuring that every student, regardless of their ability or background, is given the opportunity to learn and participate in the classroom. Classroom inclusion is the idea that all students should be integrated into regular classrooms and that teachers should provide accommodations and modifications to meet the needs of students with disabilities or other learning challenges.

Resource Accessibility at Educational Institutions

In today's digital age, technology has become an integral part of education, and access to educational resources has become increasingly important. Students require access to a variety of resources, such as textbooks, online learning platforms, and research materials, to help them achieve academic success....

Physical & Digital Accessibility

Physical accessibility refers to the ability of people with disabilities to access physical spaces and environments. It includes things like ramps, elevators, accessible parking, and signage. Ensuring physical accessibility is essential for creating an inclusive society that is accessible to all....

Test (Digital/ Tech) Accommodations

As the world continues to rely more and more on digital and technology-based assessments, it is increasingly important to ensure that these assessments are accessible to all students, including those with disabilities. Accommodations for digital and tech-based assessments can ensure that students with disabilities are able to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities on an equal playing field with their peers....

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